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Heroes Among Us is a non-profit organization based in Nassau County in Long Island, New York. Virginia Cervasio founded the organization in 2006 to fulfill the need that our veterans post 9/11 had coming home, many suffering from physical injuries, mental health issues, and PTSD.  


Our founder herself experienced the pain veterans go through first-hand after her son took his own life after serving in the United States Air Force.


Heroes Among Us is committed to supporting and honoring veterans, helping them heal after their sacrifice and contribution.

Our founder's story

We honor and support the heroes among us


Heroes Among Us helped me with services when I was in a bad place. They helped strengthen the relationship with my family by dealing with my PTSD. In return for their help, I have given back to Heroes Among Us. This has also aided in improving my Mental Health. Virginia is an Angel. There is nothing she will not do to help Veterans. Thanks” 

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